You’ve heard the expression, “It takes a village.” The phrase is especially apt when it comes to the education industry. It’s hard enough to work with one child, but when you throw thirty students into the mix, it’s more work than any one person can handle.

Teachers don’t have their own personal secretaries to take care of pressing matters and paperwork, so they’re left to their own devices to make use of their time. Time is a resource that cannot be increased, and there are never enough hours in a day, week, or year.

Every educator wants to have exciting lessons that enrapture and enthrall every student in the room. No teacher wants to do the bare minimum. But with insane time commitments – meetings, compulsory professional education, committee work, and more meetings – curriculum planning sometimes takes a backseat.

In order to make life a little easier, you have to share ideas and curriculum plans with other teachers. It’s impossible to design hundreds of lessons that appeal to multiple intelligences on your own; you need help.

When you take advantage of an educational exchange website, you can truly connect and reach out to other teachers. You can share ideas and materials. If you like, you can even work on a freelance basis and consult with other schools. You can sell your talent. You can sell your teacher-made materials. There are buyers at other schools, whether public or private.

For example, you may discover curriculum materials and supplies for sale at this educational exchange site that you can use and buy for a reasonable bid. School professionals from both private and public schools network and connect on the site. No matter what materials you’ve made in the past, you can resell them to other educators. By the same token, if your school needs certain supplies but can’t afford to pay retail, an educational exchange website makes sense.

In the field of education, the key is to not go it alone, because you’re really setting yourself up for failure. You’ve got to find help in whatever form it comes in. Because you teach different classes and grades throughout the course of your career, you could work for 30 years and still not be finished crafting the perfect lesson plans. It’s expensive to buy new supplies for lessons, so buying used is more important than ever. Reach out, share, and connect with other educators.

As a teacher, you will find that many new ideas are an exercise in trial and error in terms of how well they will translate into a positive classroom experience.  If you are looking to make extra money for your classroom or to help offer benefit to teachers around the world, utilizing the freelancer service here at Excel Assist can be an excellent idea.  Our website is designed as an educational exchange, providing educators with the opportunity to share and market ideas, classroom strategies, and more.  Whether you want to buy or sell classroom items or offer services to make teaching more effective, this is the right place for you.

The premise of an education exchange offered here at Excel Assist is designed to help make the experience of being a teacher easier and more fulfilling.  For many educators, the best classroom strategy can come from connecting with other educators and finding out what techniques and curriculums have proven most effective in a classroom similar to their own.  If you are an educator who has created a specific curriculum, a challenging project, or a better means of teaching certain students, our education exchange is the perfect place to share and market it.

Excel Assist differs from the other websites available because education is our entire focus.  While many sites offer auctions in thousands of categories or freelancers that can do anything from web design to transcription, everything we offer is created for educators and for the classroom.  That helps ensure that this is a great place to market your specific skills and ensure that they will be noticed by the people who need them most.  We know that we have created something different and unique, and when you take the time to look at what Excel Assist has to offer, we know that you will agree.

As an educator, you’re probably sick of hearing that you’ll just have to make do. Doing more with less is the new catchphrase. You’re probably well acquainted with the notion of borrowing and begging. On top of buying your own classroom supplies, you also kindly help the student who can’t afford gloves in the winter. You give until it hurts.

A study released in 2010 by the American Federation of Teachers confirmed that the average teacher salary failed to keep up with inflation. Even if educators are enhancing their credentials by earning advanced degrees, they are still facing a decline in compensation. Ouch. The reward for being a high-quality teacher is a lower salary. When adjusted for inflation, teacher salaries only gained about $100 per year between 1994 and 2004. Conversely, the growth in salaries in private industry was five times as much.

When you see the statistics, you can understand why it’s hard for you to get ahead and live comfortably. When you factor in a slash of benefits, you’re making even less than you thought you were.

Through a new online educational exchange, you can increase your income by working on a freelance basis, or by selling your teacher-made materials. It’s one way to combat the stress of doing more with less. Other schools can benefit by purchasing your goods and services for less than they might otherwise pay.

What’s your specific talent? You can put your expertise to work whenever you’re able. Because most teachers work during holiday breaks, you probably don’t have a lot of spare time. But if you do find yourself with some downtime, you can freelance to earn extra cash.

Perhaps you’ve got items that you no longer need, but you know that other schools could put them to good use. By connecting directly with schools, your stuff can find a new home. If it’s free to post, why not give an educational exchange website a try? You can sell new or gently used items, or even an item that was your own invention.

As states continue to deal with financial woes, you can be sure that you won’t be getting a sizeable pay raise anytime in the near future. Your only option is to pursue additional income in some other way. Is it time for you to promote your services? There are buyers and clients just waiting for your educational expertise.

Whenever you need products, items, or services to help improve the classroom experience for you and your students, you deserve simplicity. Yet in a world where everything online is jam packed with advertisements, useless information, and products that don’t even match up to the description, it can be hard to find.  That is why Excel Assist is able to stand out.  We aren’t your average auction or freelance site, we are an educational exchange.  Our primary goal is to be the one stop resource that educators need whenever they have something specific they seek for the classroom.

Here at Excel Assist, we have worked hard to put together the resources that teachers and educators are looking for.  If you want to buy or sell classroom products or technology, there is a simple tool here that enables you to do it easily.  If you want to offer your expertise and services or find a talented freelancer who specializes in education writing and work, you can do that, too.  We offer a place where educators can connect, share ideas, collaborate on projects, and work together to make the quality of education better for their students.

There are plenty of websites that offer auction listings or that provide access to freelancers who would love to make money and take a stab at your project, but when you want to buy and sell with other educators or ensure that your professional actually has experience with classroom related work, you need to choose a website and company designed specifically for educators.  Excel Assist is here to help make it easier to fulfill your needs while providing you confidence in the freelancers and sellers that you work with.  When working with other qualified educators matters to you, let us help you connect.

In any classroom in the country, organization is the name of the game. When you’re dealing with thirty little bodies in a classroom, you’re not going to make it through the day unless you’re 100 percent prepared. And if you can’t find your supplies, your job will be that much more difficult.

If you’re not naturally organized, there are organizational tools that you can use to better configure your supplies. Having a messy room doesn’t connote professionalism, so it’s important to get your act together. Because your classroom budget is probably minuscule, you’ll have to really stretch your dollar to buy the right organizational implements and tools.

One way to buy more for less is through an educational exchange site, which is simply a website for school professionals to buy and sell goods and services. For example, if you need to buy a small storage system for your math manipulatives, you may find a product that fits the bill at the online educational exchange. The online site offers a way for unwanted and used school supplies to be bought and sold from around the country, so you can buy products for less than retail.

On the other hand, if you have a magical organization system for records, you could sell your handy system to other school professionals by using the educational exchange. Whether you have a storage system that you’ve created, or you just can’t use your old organization kit, you can sell the item to a school or teacher who could really use it.

Maybe you’ve devised a scorekeeping system that’s second to none. While most schools have online scorekeeping methods, most teachers still manually record some scores. Teachers who aren’t so organized may want to use a part of their classroom budget to buy your scorekeeping system.

Whatever your great idea is, other schools may be looking for what you’ve got to offer. You can test the waters by putting your special item up for sale on the educational network site, since it’s free to post items there that you want to sell.

For every teacher that is meticulously organized, there is another teacher who could really use some help. Don’t hog your wonderful organizational system – recreate it into a product that you can sell to other educators. You’ll not only make money, you’ll also help someone regain control of his or her classroom environment.

Are you in need of classroom or curriculum design?  Do you need someone to help you with grant writing?  Could your teaching benefit from new course strategies or new projects that your students can work on and participate in?  While you may have great ideas for your classroom, there are simply situations where a little bit of outside help can make a big difference for your students.  Hiring freelancers is a great option, but most websites are filled with people who have no experience in educational writing, or worse yet, no experience at all.  Excel Assist is different.
When you browse for freelancers at Excel Assist, you will have the benefit of working through an educational exchange.  All of our products, services, and freelancers are educators and people in the field of education looking to connect, trade, and interact with people in the same field.  This certainly offers benefit to you, and it also offers the ability to feel confident in the quality of work that will be done.  When you are paying for curriculum design or other educational work, you should be able to trust that the person providing the work has a background in education.
The Excel Assist freelance system is designed to help people and educators like you connect with people who have the specific skills and expertise that you need.  Whether you are looking for someone who can help you write grant requests that will get your school more funding or to design a curriculum that keeps your students on track and provides them with the information they need to not only pass but to gain the skills and knowledge they need to take in the real world, it starts with finding the right company.  Excel Assist is dedicated to being the right place to fulfill your needs.


There comes a day when every teacher must retire. While most educators are happy and relieved to start the next chapter in their life, many find themselves missing their classroom role. They become wistful. They miss their responsibilities. While teaching offers many frustrations and headaches, it’s one of the few ways of impacting the next generation. Teachers play a pivotal role, and they don’t realize how important they were until after they’ve retired.

One way that teachers can stay active in the education industry is through freelancing. Through an educational exchange website, teachers can put their knowledge and background to good use. From consulting to writing grants, former educators can make a difference, albeit in a slightly different role.
The benefit to freelancing is that you can work around your schedule. You can play as much golf as you like, or knit as many sweaters as you can, yet still squeeze in some freelance hours.

You can fulfill the needs of clients while doing work that interests you. Maybe you don’t enjoy writing grants – that’s okay. There are a multitude of jobs out there. You can bid only on the projects that interest you and leverage your talents as you see fit.

Freelancing is like being a consultant. What are your best skills? What are your interests? What specialties do you have? From parents to principals, you must have received compliments on certain skills that you possessed during your tenure. Those are the skills that you should leverage. Those are the skills that clients will pay you to share.

Maybe you’ve got a very narrow niche, such as educational technology. If so, there are clients out there that need you – not everyone is tech savvy. You can combine your tech knowledge with your ability to teach and share in a patient way. You’ve no doubt acquired patience during your career, and know you can employ your persistence and serenity in a new role.

You no doubt have heard that it’s vital to challenge your mind in new ways, or your brain will get soft. Freelancing is one way to keep your mind active and keep your neurons firing. Whether you want to work a little each week or just take on new projects as they crop up, you’ll find the perfect match for your personality. Don’t let your talent go to waste – share it with those who need you.