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Buying technology and products for your classroom can be very expensive.  In fact, for many school systems, it is a constant struggle just to maintain enough of the latest technology to ensure that students are getting the most benefit from their education experience.  One great option for educators and school boards is to purchase used and unwanted educational products and equipment, but ensuring that you are working with the right company is essential. This is where Excel Assist comes in.  We are more than just an auction site, we are an educational exchange.  These items aren’t part of our business, they are our business.

Finding the right classroom furniture, learning tools, and classroom tech can all be an essential part of the learning and education process.  When you are looking for a space where you can easily buy these items or sell unwanted and unneeded classroom items and more, Excel Assist should certainly be your top choice.  We offer more than sales and items, too.  We also offer a freelance network that allows you to collaborate with other educators and professionals to create projects, share ideas, and much, much more.

The best part of living in the era of technology is that the boundaries between people have been largely removed.  Here at Excel Assist, we work to enable educators from all over to connect with one another and share ideas, buy and sell services, and even find freelance providers to help with the tougher projects.  Education is our business, and when you choose to work with a company that offers an educational exchange, you will find much more benefit.  Generic auction and freelance sites offer mixed results at best, but when you work with only other education minded professionals, you will certainly find the results to offer much greater quality.

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The landscape of education has dramatically morphed and changed over the past 50 years. While teachers are a mainstay at schools across the country, many other jobs have disappeared. From janitors to bus drivers, very few people can count on a stable job in education anymore.

The trend to outsource to external providers is filled with complications. While some cost savings are initially realized, the quality of service sometimes goes down. External providers deal with a lot of turnover, simply because of lower pay rates and poor benefits. There just isn’t the same level of direct supervision, either.

Despite all the complications and problems with outsourcing to third party providers, the trend is likely to continue if U.S. states are unable to solve their economic woes. If you’re the type who likes to seize on trends like this ahead of time, you can consider serving the educational industry by selling educational goods and services online.

An educational exchange website is one way to find buyers for your time, talents, or products. An educational exchange is a site that unites buyers and sellers in the education field. In other words, if you have a hot idea to offer the industry, you can introduce your product or service through this online marketplace.

The Internet has always allowed buyers to find sellers and vice versa. If you’re a private entity, now is the best time to advertise your educational ideas and skills. For example, if you’ve got a talent for writing educational grants, there are people that would like to hire you. Maybe you’ve got a timesaving solution to offer schools across the country. Now all you have to do is get online and broadcast your solution.
Schools and teachers across the nation are looking for ways to cut costs and deal directly with merchandise suppliers and freelancers. Whether you want to sell used educational goods or market your special talents, an educational exchange website is a promising way to get your message out.

Privatization is the new reality and you can capitalize upon it. While many people have smart entrepreneurial ideas, they often lack the momentum to see their idea through to fruition. It takes a certain level of commitment and chutzpah to enact your vision. However, failing to act may come with its own set of grave consequences. If you don’t act on your ideas, you may be left in the dust.

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