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As an educator, you’re probably sick of hearing that you’ll just have to make do. Doing more with less is the new catchphrase. You’re probably well acquainted with the notion of borrowing and begging. On top of buying your own classroom supplies, you also kindly help the student who can’t afford gloves in the winter. You give until it hurts.

A study released in 2010 by the American Federation of Teachers confirmed that the average teacher salary failed to keep up with inflation. Even if educators are enhancing their credentials by earning advanced degrees, they are still facing a decline in compensation. Ouch. The reward for being a high-quality teacher is a lower salary. When adjusted for inflation, teacher salaries only gained about $100 per year between 1994 and 2004. Conversely, the growth in salaries in private industry was five times as much.

When you see the statistics, you can understand why it’s hard for you to get ahead and live comfortably. When you factor in a slash of benefits, you’re making even less than you thought you were.

Through a new online educational exchange, you can increase your income by working on a freelance basis, or by selling your teacher-made materials. It’s one way to combat the stress of doing more with less. Other schools can benefit by purchasing your goods and services for less than they might otherwise pay.

What’s your specific talent? You can put your expertise to work whenever you’re able. Because most teachers work during holiday breaks, you probably don’t have a lot of spare time. But if you do find yourself with some downtime, you can freelance to earn extra cash.

Perhaps you’ve got items that you no longer need, but you know that other schools could put them to good use. By connecting directly with schools, your stuff can find a new home. If it’s free to post, why not give an educational exchange website a try? You can sell new or gently used items, or even an item that was your own invention.

As states continue to deal with financial woes, you can be sure that you won’t be getting a sizeable pay raise anytime in the near future. Your only option is to pursue additional income in some other way. Is it time for you to promote your services? There are buyers and clients just waiting for your educational expertise.

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