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Whether it’s Halloween, Christmas, or Valentine’s Day, kids love to bedeck their classroom with their little decorations. They love plastering the hallways with their creative creations.

While it may seem like a fun but unnecessary activity, kids get a real sense of pride from displaying their holiday and seasonal artwork at school. When their work is showcased, they get a real sense of ownership of their school. When they’re given the opportunity to see and enjoy their artwork, or the work of their friends, they get a true sense of belonging. They see that they really are an important piece of the puzzle that is their school.

Because of religious diversity, some schools opt to simply decorate with general seasonal decor in the winter. You really have to know your community to know what’s acceptable and what’s just plain insensitive. The trick is to keep open communication with parents – if some parents are uncomfortable, find out what you can do to make them more comfortable. Parents appreciate being asked about their preferences because it’s a sign of respect for their values.

Some teachers like to buy fun exhibits and displays for their classroom walls or tables. It can be pricey to afford decor for every holiday, but you can get a bit creative and save some money at the same time. One option is to check periodically for used materials from other teachers or schools. Because there’s now an educational auction website on the Internet, teachers and schools can list their new or used items for free. And if you no longer need a holiday or seasonal exhibit at your school, you can list the item for free, too. Just think of what you can do with the money you make!

Decorating your school isn’t just a mindless activity – it really helps boost school spirit, which is a good thing for everyone. Who doesn’t want a little holiday cheer?

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Have you created classroom and teacher resources that make the preschool experience better, or the educator’s job easier? An excellent tool for sharing those resources is to sell them online. Years of experience “teach” teachers many techniques for reaching a child’s mind and imagination, something that is not always taught to young teachers during their education and training.

When young people use resources provided from the experiences of their elders, everyone benefits. You may not realize that your simple methods for doing things can be sold to a young teacher. Well, they certainly can. It may be a better way to create a bulletin board in the classroom, a fun puzzle for teaching math facts, a game for learning the Presidents of the US, a song to learn the states and capitals, or particular process for science projects.

Methods for Selling Online

1. Websites. If you have a great deal of teacher resources, ideas, books, and projects that can be easily and professionally packaged and presented, a personal website might be the best direction for you. You can advertise your website on education sites, teacher resource sites, and educational exchange sites. However, an individual website is usually more costly and time consuming than other options.

2. Auctions. There are several websites where auctions take place 24-hours a day, 7-days a week, 52-weeks a year. You can buy or sell almost anything. Because of that your things might get lost amid the vast array of other products available. While that is certainly still a viable source, an auction site that specializes in educational resources and child care businesses is probably a better choice. You simply pay a percentage of what you received for the sell as a fee.

3. Stores on Auction Websites. A possibility that falls between the above two methods are individual stores that are located on auction websites. Your items appear as auction items when a buyer searches a particular product. However, the buyer is then given the opportunity to search your store for other products. It’s generally less expensive than websites, and easier to manage than individual auctions if you have a lot of items. Educational auction sites are generally preferable due to the enormous amount of products on general auction websites.

The route you choose for selling your teacher made materials depends on the volume of materials available and time you can invest in managing the sales.

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Like most homes, every school has a bit of a clutter problem from time to time. When’s the last time you looked in that supply closet around the corner and down the hall? Are you afraid of what you might find in there? From the library to the gym to the theater stage, there is stuff that hasn’t seen the light of day for years. No matter if it’s spring, summer, fall, or winter, your school could stand to use a good spring cleaning.

Whether you’ve got electronics, janitorial supplies, or even cafeteria items, you can sell it all through an innovative new website that links you to other schools that need your stuff. You don’t have to throw your wares in the dumpster – who knows who wants to buy that old Romeo costume or that old cabinet? You can post your items for no charge on the educational exchange. And if something’s heavy, you can opt to allow for local pickup only.

Whether you set aside a Saturday or a whole week, everyone at your school has to commit to combing through old boxes. If you’re not sure if you should sell an item, you can designate an area for colleagues to double-check and decide. Now is not the time for hoarding, though, or your stuff will sit stashed away for another twenty years.

Storage is a commodity at any school, so eventually, you have to clear things out to make room for your new supplies. Before you rush out to buy new items, check the educational exchange for nearly new items and equipment – you may find something at a steep discount.

It feels good to purge everything, and it feels even better if you can make a little cash in the process.

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With the continued focus of society on saving and recycling, shouldn’t child care educators be concerned about recycling as well? Recycling is not just about taking cans, plastics, and papers to your local recycling center, although that is an excellent community service. Many centers have begun reducing their usage of paper, providing more outdoor time, and using products made of recycled materials in efforts to be more green.

Recycling is also about finding a new home for toys and equipment no longer used, passing curriculum materials to someone else, and selling educational supplies you’ve decided to change. You may be thinking that your materials are outdated, worn out, or just wouldn’t be desirable. Think again. There are potentially hundreds of child care centers that would welcome any curriculum materials, supplies, and tools you no longer use in your center.

In addition, tables, chairs, mats, bookcases, toys, playground equipment, and everything else needed to provide a good experience for children is very expensive. When you have something you no longer need, but it is still functional and usable, consider selling it to another child care educator instead of putting it in the trash. You will be providing a great service when you pass those things along to another child care or educational center just starting out.

How to You Find a Child care Center in Need

How in the world are you going to find the centers that could use your things? That’s easy, online auction sites reach centers across the country, and even the world. Generally there are three ways to post and sell an item on these sites:

1. Auction the item. When you put an item up for auction your list it in the auction listing, set a deadline for bids, and usually set a minimum amount you’re willing to accept. The highest bidder wins and purchases the item.

2. Buy now. Buy now items are listed with a set price and the first person who agrees to that price buys the item.

3. Your online store. You simply set up a presence on the site with all your items showcased at your store. Customers of the site shop your store and purchase items like any other online store.

Now that you know how to sell your used child care equipment, toys, supplies, and curriculum materials online, you can recycle those items which is better for the environment, for you, and certainly for the new child care center able to open at a lower cost.

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We can all name educators who made a difference in our lives. Maybe you remember a teacher who built up your confidence, or encouraged you to think in vast new ways. You’ll never forget the name of your personal hero.

If you’re a talented teacher, you can bring your talents to other schools and learning centers by freelancing. Whatever your talent is, you can bring it to the masses as a service provider. No matter what your specialty is, there is a school that needs your help. You’ve got talent, so it’s only fair that you share it with the rest of the world.

Though teachers tend to network fairly well within their own individual school, the universe has opened up more possibilities, thanks to a new educational exchange website. Now you can put a name to your special ability, grab a free membership, and tell the world what you’ve got to offer.

Maybe your forte is designing curriculum, or maybe you’ve got some lesser known gift to share. Put it out there and let the world find you. There are schools, learning centers, and tutoring services that could use your special brand of help.

If you need a teacher or some other professional to help you because things are pretty frantic for you right now, you can ask for help and post your project for free on the educational network. You’ve got to know when you’re overwhelmed or when you just don’t have the skill set necessary to complete a project. Asking for help is not a sign of weakness; asking for help is a means of preserving your sanity.

No matter how offbeat your talent is, you’d be surprised by how many people would like your help. Share your expertise or your big idea today.

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If you’ve closed your child care business and need a place where you can sell those products, preferably to places that will make good use of them; an excellent place to do that is through online auctions. Online auctions allow sellers of products to post their products with a minimum bid price and buyers to bid until the auction closes. The highest bidder wins.

Higher Resell Value

If a product is highly desirable the price can often be pushed toward the original retail price. This is an infinitely better price than yard sales, close out sales, and thrift store sales where you are basically giving the products away.

Market is Unlimited by Region

Online auctions are not just regional or national sales, but global sales. People from all over the world are on the Internet at all times of the day and night. In no other venue can you reach more potential buyers than the Internet.


Internet access is not limited to a certain day or time of day; you can manage your auctions at any time of the day or night that is convenient for you and managing your child care business.

Shipping Paid by Buyer

As a general rule shipping and handling is paid by the buyer. While most buyers will not pay ridiculous rates for handling, or much more than actual shipping costs, you can certainly cover the actual costs of shipping, packaging materials, and labor.

Potential for Repeat Sales

Buyers often search the products of sellers from whom they have previously purchased products, making the possibilities for additional sales good. This will help get rid of all the stored child care products.

It’s at least worth a good effort to sell your child care products you no longer need online.

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