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Teachers often get frustrated at the lack of resources for their classrooms. This is an understandable frustration, and one that unfortunately, is difficult to remedy. All schools are under financial constraints, even in the best of economies. Therefore, many teachers simply find ways to raise money for their classrooms, or collect much needed supplies.

Wish List
The easiest way to collect supplies for your classroom is to create a wish list of things needed and circulate it to parents and grandparents. Post it during open house, send home in children’s folders, and include it on your classroom’s web page. This should be done sparingly for it to be effective. Inexpensive and expensive items can be included on this list. Donations of money can also be requested on a wish list.

Fundae Friday
As a fundraiser, parents can donate supplies (ice cream, toppings, and paper products) to make sundaes to sell during lunch on a Friday. Parents will also have to volunteer their time to make the sundaes that day. This usually is not a problem. Prices are usually based on the number of scoops and number of toppings, if any. All funds can be used for classroom needs. As an alternative, the class can also have a bake sale during lunch.

Garage Sale or Online Auction
Families always have goods they want to get rid of; so having a classroom garage sale is an excellent fundraiser. In addition to classroom parents donating goods for sale, you can request any goods from other families to be included in your sale. Parents generally set up and work the sale. An alternative is to collect these goods and sell the more expensive ones online at auction sites which will generally bring a higher price.

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