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If you decided to write a novel what would your novel be? Are you the romance type, a journalist, a broad thinking fictionist, or the biography focused author?  It’s strange how our personalities can come out in writing where it wouldn’t otherwise. It’s also an art and a gift to be a good writer. The ease of writing and sharing ideas has really come a long way in technology. You can now establish and write your entire portfolio online and it’s free to set up your own blog and network to manage your ideas to promote yourself. With so many freelance writers popping up all over the world via Blogs and other media outlets it’s a great time to be involved or love writing. It’s easy to work for yourself and contribute articles here and there as you like. Excel Assist is also great for finding freelance positions you can do on the side.

Oh but then there is writers block, possibly the most difficult thing to overcome when you take up writing a blog or begin that novel. Focusing daily on the same topics and creating fresh ways to say things can be difficult when the world around us continues with other things. Enjoy it, let it flow and the words will come. A technique to do if you have this problem is to begin writing your thoughts even if they don’t make sense. The act of typing any words can inspire you brain to kick in.

Take the chance to turn your creative writing or blog into a side job. If you currently teach or work fulltime, if it is already your hobby, why not make a few bucks by doing it for others too! It is also completely understood when the point of view is to keep it as a hobby. For many it is the only form of release and relaxation after a long hard day.  Whatever type of writer you may be, try writing something this week. See where it could take you.

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