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It’s August now (can you believe it already!) so at one month out it’s time to begin thinking about shopping for those school supplies for your child to use in the classroom and for what they will need when they come home with homework and projects. Of course new back to school clothes, books, lunch bags or boxes, backpacks… the list goes on, are also necessities for all ages. It’s part of the fun process of going to school.

The Parent Site has great check lists for every grade level you can add to your calendar from one month out, up to the first day of classes to prepare for going back to school.

Teachers going back to school also begin to prepare a month out thinking about lesson plan ideas, picking up supplies if the school budget lacks, and yes they too will need new back to school clothes, a lunch bag, comfortable shoes and the list goes on.

ExcelAssist.com is a great place to look for like-new supplies for students and the classroom. Teachers and upper grade level students can also look for freelance projects and part time jobs they can take on during the school year. Parents can use Excel Assist to find tutors, babysitters, after school programs, and anything else they may need.

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Teaching Abroad

Internet search results frequently generate sites for jobs to teach English in various other countries abroad. It’s an interesting topic, to teach English in a country you may have never been to where you are not familiar with the native language spoken. It puts the students in quite a predicament too, having to learn from a teacher who can’t communicate with them or further explain things they may not understand is frustrating. The task seems impossible but yet many do it successfully and immerse themselves in the culture well. It’s a life changing experience for both the teacher and the student. Check out this informative video series by Busan Kevin on a first hand account of what teaching in Korea is like for him. He also created a second video to answer questions many sent to him following the first video.

A few sites he recommendation get more information as well as some useful links for teaching ideas and crafts:

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