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For most with a full-time job, shifting things to spend more time with your family or friends may be a difficult almost impossible task. Freelancers have better freedom to move their schedules a bit more and are also able to take phone meeting or web meetings in the comfort of their own home.

But Don’t Quit Your Day Job Why not freelance on the side instead of full time?

Freelance Advantages For Keeping Your Regular Job Too:

Taxes are a lot simpler, the income a bit more stable, and your day-to-day job could provide you with new opportunities to meet future clients and helpers. Just be sure to confirm your side job interest with your boss to ensure there is no compete.

Tip to get your clients to pay you on time for freelance gigs: offer a discount of a small % or $ amount for receiving payment on time either on the current invoice or on the next invoice.

Spend the money on a good home accounting system like QuickBooks or similar. All your invoices and income will be tracked and generated with the same aesthetic. No one needs to know you work from home- make it look professional! This will also help you to track outstanding payments and your income totals at tax time. Keep Track of your Expenses!

Finding and Advertising work- Google is an amazing thing. Enter in key words and find companies of your interest and look through freelance listings on job boards. You can advertise your skills on these sites for free most of the time also. Excelassist.com can help you find what you are looking for AND advertise your availability!

Keep track of companies you have cold called, emailed or spoken to about work in an Excel or similar spreadsheet. There is nothing worse than not realizing you have already pitched your story to the CEO the day before while you are on the phone with them. It’s not a good first impression.

Make Sure You Have a Good Contract. Good faith and a person’s word will only get you so far. Make sure you have full documentation via contract and conversations via email. Save these documents at least a year – others recommend 2 years.

Figure Out What To Charge. How much do you want to make hourly, then calculate the amount of hours you think it will take you to complete the task. The total is your flat rate. You can adjust as necessary and also compare what others are charging by doing your research online.

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Many college professors actually have day jobs too. Some of the best teachers may not actually be trained full-time teachers, but people who are on the job everyday and take the time to extend their hands on current industry knowledge in evening or weekend classes. But how can you get involved in teaching your skill and promoting your industry?

There are alternate certificate programs available by state and you can also contact your local university to find out how they select new professors.

When interviewing for positions, your field experience is extremely valuable to many institutions even though your actual time in a classroom may be limited. If you do your job well and work well with others, there are many instances in our careers where we have had to train someone, make a presentation, or show how to do something we are familiar with. Thinking back on all of these instances in your life, did you enjoy lending a hand to better someone’s knowledge? If you answered yes, then teaching may be a great second career for you.

When applying, write a good cover letter highlighting your experience teaching others and demonstrating leadership in your own field. Also explain why you are interested in teaching now at this stage in your life (without getting too personal).  On your resume, be sure to highlight any awards, acknowledgements, your own educational background, program knowledge and any additional expertise you could bring to the classroom.

Also check out the 7 Biggest Challenges Teachers Face

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With Facebook and numerous social media outlets at everyone’s fingertips, its a wonder why we haven’t seen this sooner. You constantly receive those forwarded emails or mass posts for donations to charity or to sponsor someone running a marathon for a good cause. Why not create the same outreach to further college education? Its brilliant! You don’t have to qualify in certain criteria because you name your own. Personal family and friend can vouch for you, upload pictures, and spread the word to get donations. US News had some insightful tips on how to get the most when creating your own scholarship:

1. Choose the right Web site. You can build your own site, use standard social networking sites such as Facebook or MySpace, or try a new scholarship-building site, such as Greennote.com, Scholarmatch.com, or Sponsormydegree.com.

2. Include photos. Students who post pictures are more likely to get donations than those who don’t, says Henner Mohr, founder of Sponsormydegree.com.

3. Give lots of details and write clearly. “Kids who write vividly stick in your mind,” notes Dave Eggers, author of A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius and What is the What, and one of the founders of Scholarmatch.org.

4. Spelland grammarcheck. Donors aren’t likely to fund requests for college tuition from someone who can’t spell.

5. Think like a donor. Be honest and personal, but keep in mind: if your hobby is getting high or collecting expensive handbags, why would anyone want to give you money?

6. Spread the word. Friends, family, former teachers, churchmembers, co-workers and strangers can all help, says Andrew Snow, a student at the College of the Sequoias who raised money using Sponsormydegree.com. Some of his friends posted his appeal for aid on their Facebook pages and on Twitter. Eventually, word got to a newspaper reporter for the nearby Fresno Bee, who wrote about him. A reader of that article donated enough to fund an entire semester at school.

7. Keep your donors and your plea updated. You’ll need funding for at least four years, not just one. If you can show donors that you are working hard and succeeding, they might be willing to help next year as well.

8. Show your gratitude and give back. Snow believes his plea received funding at least in part because  he wants to be a teacher and promises to repay his sponsors by giving similar donations to other students as soon as he starts earning.

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It’s August now (can you believe it already!) so at one month out it’s time to begin thinking about shopping for those school supplies for your child to use in the classroom and for what they will need when they come home with homework and projects. Of course new back to school clothes, books, lunch bags or boxes, backpacks… the list goes on, are also necessities for all ages. It’s part of the fun process of going to school.

The Parent Site has great check lists for every grade level you can add to your calendar from one month out, up to the first day of classes to prepare for going back to school.

Teachers going back to school also begin to prepare a month out thinking about lesson plan ideas, picking up supplies if the school budget lacks, and yes they too will need new back to school clothes, a lunch bag, comfortable shoes and the list goes on.

ExcelAssist.com is a great place to look for like-new supplies for students and the classroom. Teachers and upper grade level students can also look for freelance projects and part time jobs they can take on during the school year. Parents can use Excel Assist to find tutors, babysitters, after school programs, and anything else they may need.

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Teaching Abroad

Internet search results frequently generate sites for jobs to teach English in various other countries abroad. It’s an interesting topic, to teach English in a country you may have never been to where you are not familiar with the native language spoken. It puts the students in quite a predicament too, having to learn from a teacher who can’t communicate with them or further explain things they may not understand is frustrating. The task seems impossible but yet many do it successfully and immerse themselves in the culture well. It’s a life changing experience for both the teacher and the student. Check out this informative video series by Busan Kevin on a first hand account of what teaching in Korea is like for him. He also created a second video to answer questions many sent to him following the first video.

A few sites he recommendation get more information as well as some useful links for teaching ideas and crafts:

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