Buying technology and products for your classroom can be very expensive.  In fact, for many school systems, it is a constant struggle just to maintain enough of the latest technology to ensure that students are getting the most benefit from their education experience.  One great option for educators and school boards is to purchase used and unwanted educational products and equipment, but ensuring that you are working with the right company is essential. This is where Excel Assist comes in.  We are more than just an auction site, we are an educational exchange.  These items aren’t part of our business, they are our business.

Finding the right classroom furniture, learning tools, and classroom tech can all be an essential part of the learning and education process.  When you are looking for a space where you can easily buy these items or sell unwanted and unneeded classroom items and more, Excel Assist should certainly be your top choice.  We offer more than sales and items, too.  We also offer a freelance network that allows you to collaborate with other educators and professionals to create projects, share ideas, and much, much more.

The best part of living in the era of technology is that the boundaries between people have been largely removed.  Here at Excel Assist, we work to enable educators from all over to connect with one another and share ideas, buy and sell services, and even find freelance providers to help with the tougher projects.  Education is our business, and when you choose to work with a company that offers an educational exchange, you will find much more benefit.  Generic auction and freelance sites offer mixed results at best, but when you work with only other education minded professionals, you will certainly find the results to offer much greater quality.

The landscape of education has dramatically morphed and changed over the past 50 years. While teachers are a mainstay at schools across the country, many other jobs have disappeared. From janitors to bus drivers, very few people can count on a stable job in education anymore.

The trend to outsource to external providers is filled with complications. While some cost savings are initially realized, the quality of service sometimes goes down. External providers deal with a lot of turnover, simply because of lower pay rates and poor benefits. There just isn’t the same level of direct supervision, either.

Despite all the complications and problems with outsourcing to third party providers, the trend is likely to continue if U.S. states are unable to solve their economic woes. If you’re the type who likes to seize on trends like this ahead of time, you can consider serving the educational industry by selling educational goods and services online.

An educational exchange website is one way to find buyers for your time, talents, or products. An educational exchange is a site that unites buyers and sellers in the education field. In other words, if you have a hot idea to offer the industry, you can introduce your product or service through this online marketplace.

The Internet has always allowed buyers to find sellers and vice versa. If you’re a private entity, now is the best time to advertise your educational ideas and skills. For example, if you’ve got a talent for writing educational grants, there are people that would like to hire you. Maybe you’ve got a timesaving solution to offer schools across the country. Now all you have to do is get online and broadcast your solution.
Schools and teachers across the nation are looking for ways to cut costs and deal directly with merchandise suppliers and freelancers. Whether you want to sell used educational goods or market your special talents, an educational exchange website is a promising way to get your message out.

Privatization is the new reality and you can capitalize upon it. While many people have smart entrepreneurial ideas, they often lack the momentum to see their idea through to fruition. It takes a certain level of commitment and chutzpah to enact your vision. However, failing to act may come with its own set of grave consequences. If you don’t act on your ideas, you may be left in the dust.

As a teacher or school board member, you likely find that you upgrade, replace, or sell your old classroom equipment and unwanted items somewhat frequently.  What happens to your old classroom items when you no longer need them?  Are you getting the price that you deserve?  Are they going to other schools and educators so that they can be of use in helping to teach other students?  If you choose to make use of the educational exchange here at Excel Assist, you can rest assured that this is exactly what will happen.

When you are looking to get rid of unwanted classroom equipment and supplies, you want to generate money that you can put back into your schools for new items.  You also want to ensure that the items don’t simply go to waste and that they can bring benefit to other teachers and students.  When you click the Sell Products or Services button here at Excel Assist, you can list your unneeded items in our educational exchange, where other teachers can bid on or purchase them.  You will find that our fees are very low, while our focus on educational items and products makes it easy to find the right buyer for your classroom equipment.

Buying and selling used classroom equipment can be especially beneficial for private schools, childcare facilities, and home schooling parents.  The budgets for these sorts of educational facilities are often lower than publicly subsidized school systems, and the need for more affordable options is often far greater.  When you choose to work through the Excel Assist educational exchange, you can rest assured that you will be working only with others in the education field and that you will be dealing with a company you can trust.  Take the time to see all that we have to offer, and you will certainly see why we are the right destination for your needs.

It’s easy to feel isolated, as if you exist in a vacuum, when you spend hours and hours in the same classroom every day. If your school is small, you may feel like you’re living on an island. What if you want or need to connect with other teachers – teachers outside your school?

With the advent of an online educational exchange, educators and other school professionals can collaborate on ideas and projects. You don’t have to live in your own little bubble anymore.

While other teachers in your building may be supportive and helpful, they may not have the specific expertise that you need. Whether public or private, perhaps your school needs to hire a freelancer for some specific project. Or perhaps you have skills that you can offer to other educators and schools in distant parts of the country. No matter what you need, you can connect with other educators through an educational exchange website.

An educational exchange is a portal that allows schools to sell their unwanted goods, and it’s free to post items. The portal allows teachers to offer their services and talents on a freelance basis, and almost anything goes. Whether you specialize in consulting or writing grants, there is a client waiting to pay you for your time and talent. All you have to do is link up with them.

The Internet is truly a superhighway, so you no longer have to feel cut off from schools on the other side of the country. You can sell them your services, or they can sell you theirs. It’s a win-win situation. There is a much wider audience online than there is in your little vicinity. If you don’t think that anyone local wants to buy your used equipment, there may be someone five states away that is just waiting to snap up your unwanted materials.

The sky’s the limit. Whether you need help, or you want to sell your services, all you have to do is reach out. You’re not restricted to your building or your community any longer. Unlike ordinary auction websites, an educational exchange allows you to deal strictly with other professionals in the education industry. Whether you want to post a project for help, or get rid of supplies and equipment that you can no longer use, there is a huge audience just waiting to connect with you.

If you have taken the time to look at all that we have to offer here at Excel Assist, we are confident that you will see that we have worked hard to provide education professionals with a one stop shop for finding, buying, and selling educational items and tools, technology, and services.  We want to make things easier for educators and to offer a great resource where you can connect with other professionals to help better meet the needs of your classroom.  One question that many have upon first visiting is how fees or charges work.  While most services are free, let’s explain this a bit further.

If you are visiting Excel Assist to post items for sale, advertise your freelance skills, or post a project that you need assistance on, you will find that you can do this without incurring any charges.  Buying items through our website is also free of fees, and you will only need to pay for the product you purchase as well as any associated shipping, handling, or taxes.  If you are purchasing services, you will also find that there are no fees other than the established price that the service provider has charged for the project.

Where you will find small fees with excel assist is in selling goods and services.  If you sell an item through the Excel Assist educational exchange, you will find that you are charged a very small percentage of the total sale price of the item or items.  When you sell your services to other educators, such as grant writing or curriculum design, you will also be charged a small fee based on the final value of the project.  These fees are minimal and help pay for our operating costs.  Excel Assist works hard to bring educators closer together, and our low fees help ensure that it is both easy and affordable to do so.

When it comes to custom documents, schools and educators constantly need special forms to keep track of everything from scores to student behavior. The kinds of forms that are required to record student progress are endless and infinite.

What if teachers don’t have time to customize forms and documents? What if they get frustrated trying to craft an Excel spreadsheet for every last program? One suggestion is to turn to other professionals for help at an online educational exchange, which is simply a website that allows educators to network and connect with each other. School professionals can buy and sell goods and services at the site without having to spend a fortune.

The beauty of an educational exchange website is that you can connect specifically with other individuals in the education industry. It’s free to post projects for help, and it’s free to post items for sale.

For example, suppose that you would like someone to make you specialized forms for tracking scores. You can post your project and find freelance professionals who can whip up the proper documents for you. Because freelance workers often work from home, their hourly rates are often less than you’d pay to hire someone from a brick and mortar retail store.

By the same token, perhaps you already have created some special forms that other schools and educators would just love to get their hands on. If creating custom documents is your specialty, you can market and sell your goods at the educational exchange. Not everyone is tech savvy. Not everyone is capable of making documents at warp speed. If you’ve got special expertise, you should promote your talents and skills. You could be saving others a lot of time, not to mention frustration, by providing them with materials for a reasonable fee.

Maybe your school bought a new literacy program recently; perhaps the program didn’t come with a lot of helpful forms. If you take the time to create new forms to go along with the program, it would behoove you to sell your forms to other schools. That way, they don’t have to reinvent the wheel. If you had to make a document to accompany a new program, chances are, another school needs that document too. Since you’ve already done the work, you may as well save others some time, and make a small profit to boot.

As an educator in the private sector, finding the finances you need to secure all of the equipment and services that you need for your classroom can be difficult.  For many, buying used equipment can be the best way to save money, but when dealing with traditional auction sites, you don’t always know if you are really getting what you are paying for.  Sellers who aren’t educators don’t always know how to answer questions properly, there is more risk than reward for many who choose to buy in this manner.

The same is true when it comes to soliciting the services of freelancers.  Whether for grant writing, curriculum design, or project creation, most freelance sites offer professionals with great writing talent but little experience writing for educators.  With Excel Assist, however, you are dealing with an educational exchange.  Every product and service on our site is designed for educators and offered specifically for educators.  This means that you are dealing with individuals who know the answers to your questions and who know how to provide the specific services that you are looking for.  When you are buying for a classroom, this matters greatly.

Taking the time to look through our products and services can give you a much greater idea of what we are about.  The notion of an educational exchange is one that teachers have been needing for some time now, especially those in the private sector and who lack the funding needed to buy all of the goods and services that they require.  When you want to connect with other educators to share ideas, services, products, and expertise, you deserve a resource created specifically for you.  When you come to Excel Assist, you can rest assured that this is exactly what you will receive.